Corporate Workspace for IT Dallas, TX

Costs: $1.17 million

Size: 7,200 sf floor plate

Project Details

This project entailed the renovation and finish out of a 7,200 square foot floor space in a corporate office building. The renovation included a full redesign of the space as well as the design of all modular and ancillary lounge and collaborative furnishings.

The client group for this project requested an open floor plan concept with an inviting color palette while utilizing all of the available natural light. The space allocated to this group was minimal, so the BSA team had to be creative in the layout of the work space types to fit everyone without feeling cramped. As a part of downsizing, lockers were installed for personal storage.

BSA Design Group was challenged by the floor space because it needed to accommodate a fairly large team, however, they wanted the space to feel open with good circulation space. By downsizing office and meeting spaces, we were able to provide ample space for workstations and open meeting/gathering spaces.

Like many others, the group wanted the latest technology in the closed spaces along with flexibility. They also requested a fun and inviting Work Café space. The final plans met and exceeded their goals.