Corporate Office – Media Relations Dallas, Texas

Project Details

  • Workplace Design
Global Telecommunications Company

Project Summary

This project entailed the renovation and finish out of 24,000 s.f. of floor space in a corporate office building. The renovation included a full redesign of the floor as well as the design of all modular and ancillary lounge and collaborative furnishings.

The client for this project requested a very open floor plan concept with texture, movement, break out spaces and a modern, but cozy feel. To create an open feeling, the BSA Design team created workstations that were low in height, but functional in use. Minimal screening and maximum storage and function allow the team members to work efficiently and effectively.

The workstations are open, but loaded with technology and ergonomic function. Other areas include Conference Rooms, Huddle Rooms and open Collaboration areas. The open teaming areas include lush furnishings, rich colors and various options of how to collaborate and work.

Project Gallery