Our Work

Communication is the key to successful teams.

No matter the size or type of company, BSA Design Group encompasses the knowledge and experience to create a design space that fits your company’s needs today and into the future. BSA provides unique, sustainable based design solutions that are sensitive to existing architectural features, site conditions, and defined project goals. Rather than creating trendy design solutions based on the latest design industry materials, fads, and forced geometries, BSA strives to provide design solutions that are timeless in their function and appearance. We understand that our job is to meet your specific requirements. Our team is focused on listening to our client’s needs with the end goal of providing innovative, cost-effective design solutions.

What differentiates BSA from other firms is our attention to customer service and details. We are recognized in the field as experts in moisture protection technologies and frequently perform peer reviews of other architects’ documents for owners and contractors. We will bring this unique expertise to your project. We can provide you with a physical solution to your current renovation and internal alterations needs and we can communicate this to the contractor very effectively.

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