Generators for a Downtown Dallas Complex Dallas, Texas

Project Details

  • Ground Up, Additions & Renovations
Global Telecommunication Company

Project Summary

A structural Steel Platform had to be designed and constructed to support nine (2) megawatt emergency engines and related H3 fuel buildings required to backup up a Dallas downtown complex consisting of data centers and telecommunication facilities.  

Fuel redundancy was a requirement;  therefore,  construction of (3) H3 (high hazard fuel storage) buildings would need to be constructed to store up to 4500 gallons of diesel fuel which required extensive building code and fire code analysis and extensive City of Dallas Fire Protection meetings to seek approval and requirements.  Automatic Co2 fire suppression systems were introduced along with 3-hour construction and fuel containment dikes as required for spill containment.

A new electrical room was introduced to house a new generator paralleling gear and distribution gear in order to separate the central plant from the plaza for more backup capacity to the mission-critical data center.

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