Telecommunications Data Center Facility Building Addition Richardson, Texas

Project Details

  • Ground Up, Additions & Renovations
Global Telecommunications Company

Project Summary

This project included the expansion of an existing telecommunications data center facility into adjacent unoccupied space. The project created 17,600 square feet of equipment space on 36 inch high raised access flooring for computer network growth. A second electrical transformer and service feeds were added to increase the electrical power available to the building. A separate emergency engine building housing three 2 MW generators, with a slot for a future fourth, was constructed, along with an exterior fuel tank yard for two 6,000 gallon above ground diesel fuel storage tanks. A DC power plant, consisting of AC to DC electrical power conversion rectifiers and battery strings, was provided.

Platform mounted air cooled chillers were installed in a second exterior equipment yard. The chillers feed a chilled water supply and return piping loop that runs under the raised access flooring in the equipment room and serves computer room air conditioners located along the perimeter of the space.

Office space for the facility’s employees was improved by providing a new work space with new systems furniture and an upgrade to the interior finishes. A conference room, break room and men’s and women’s toilets were included as part of the office space improvements.

The building was constructed to serve as a distribution warehouse with tilt-up exterior concrete walls and a steel girder-joist and metal deck structural frame roof. Converting the building to a data center required major upgrades to the electrical and mechanical systems and their associated utilities infrastructures. Significant structural modifications were required to facilitate the routing of these services through the building to their various points of connection and to ensure that adequate support was provided for the increased loads imposed on the structure by new mechanical and electrical equipment, piping and conduit and wire.

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