Corporate Workspace 2020 Dallas, TX

Costs: $3.0 million per floor

Size: 25,000 to 30,000 sf floor plates

Project Details

This project entailed the renovation and finish out of eight 25,000 to 30,000 square foot floor plates in a corporate office building. The renovations have included a full redesign of the floors as well as the design of all modular and ancillary lounge and collaborative furnishings.

The client for this project requested a very open floor plan concept with an engaging color palette for the teams set to occupy the spaces. All exterior windows were utilized to harvest as much natural light as possible.

The concept was to create a floor design that functions for “today’s” worker which allows the employees to work anywhere. Spaces are all flexible and reservable. Very few spaces are dedicated. This kind of layout gives each person a variety of choices in how they want to work. Users can select a more traditional workstation, or sit in the Work Café at a booth, at a conference table, in a Huddle Room or curled up in a lounge chair.

The areas also include Offices, work stations, Focus Booths, Huddle Rooms, Conference spaces and open Collaboration areas. There’s a place for everyone whether they are social in function or more heads down and private. Our team also provided a Work Café in the middle of the floor space to encourage not only place to eat, but also a different way to work.